Fireclaw LLP Submissions Policy

Please READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS before submitting any of your work.

Fireclaw LLP are currently accepting unsolicited submissions of artwork samples and story or series proposals from individuals or teams. If you don't have an artist in your team we'd still like to see your submission, as we can find an artist that fits the style if we accept your proposal.


No Submissions Agreement is required when sending art samples, only for stories or series proposals.
Include your full name and email address in any text or on images you send us.
Include your surname as part of the file name of any files you send.
All text files should be sent as PDFs or as Microsoft Word compatible files (.doc .rtf, etc.)

The area of each scanned image should be 1000 pixels wide x 1500 pixels high.
We prefer Jpeg or pdf formats. When sending inking samples, please also include a copy of the original pencil drawing.
All Submissions should be around fifteen megabytes in total.
Please contact us via the form on our Contact Us page.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reply to everyone. Fireclaw LLP will contact you only if we wish to make you an offer of work.


When submitting a proposal to Fireclaw LLP, the following items are mandatory.

1) A Signed Submission Agreement

We at Fireclaw LLP have the greatest respect for the creators and owners of original creative property. The submission agreement isn't a license for Fireclaw LLP to use your creations without regard to yourself and any other creators. The agreement allows Fireclaw LLP to protect themselves from any liabilities which could arise due to coincidental similarities of works-in-progress or other submissions.

All proposals not including a signed agreement will be deleted without review. You can download a copy of our agreement here.

An agreement should be submitted with each new proposal, and must be signed by all the creators and copyright holders involved. Please note: Fireclaw LLP does not review unsolicited submissions, ideas or proposals which reference properties currently published by Fireclaw LLP or any material the submitter does not own the copyright to. Such material is subject to immediate destruction.

2) A Tagline

The tagline should be one or two sentences at the most. This is the shortest description of your summary possible. It should give us an idea of the main character, who they are and what they're trying to achieve, who or what is their biggest enemy and what would happen if they failed.

3) A Synopsis

A synopsis should further expand on the ideas expressed in the tagline, but can be expanded to a few hundred words, slightly longer if describing a series.

4) A Complete Outline

The outline is a complete telling of the whole story, although it shouldn't exceed a page in length, or a page per issue if this is a series, to a maximum of five pages. You should include the whole story, and yes we want to know the ending.

Please contact us via the form on our Contact Us page.

Include the word 'Proposal' and the title of the proposal in the subject line.

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